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Our advantages

We can build your house any place in the world you choose, cold north or hot sea shore. Autonomous EcoHouses are completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity and heating, making you independent of the world around you.

We are solidly protected from natural cataclysms and technical breakdowns. Your house is not connected to mainstream centralized systems hence it will always be well-lit, cozy and warm, regardless of the outside conditions.

We use ecology-friendly materials in the construction process. The architecture envisages natural lighting and healthy in-house microclimate. You can live in a complete harmony with nature.

The construction of the house provides for an optimal combination of comfort and expediency. The house is designed in such a way to minimize consumption of energy and other resources thus saving your money.

The house can be delivered to your land lot in a short time. The construction and design allow for a quick dismantling and transportation. As there is no need to connect/disconnect electricity and other communications the process of moving and full launch in a new place is much speedier than traditional relocation.

The fundamental principles of house’s functioning are based on a simple yet well-thought-out combination of modern technologies. The back-up principle is implemented for all vital systems. The repair and maintenance procedures are simple and can be carried out both on site and in a distant way.


We are solving all your problems

You don’t have to deal with hooking up and wiring electricity

A hybrid system combined of alternative energy sources and traditional fuel ensures stable electricity supplies and fully covers all needs for electric power.

You don’t have to drain sewage pipes

The house is equipped with reliable equipment, which carries out biological clean-up of wastes providing a 98%-degree of cleanliness.

You don’t have to link in and connect gas pipes

The construction of the house is energy-efficient; a combination of simple yet innovative solutions allows maintaining comfortable room temperature inside the house.

Delivery times and costs

Right from the start you have a clear idea on the budget and timeframe and can plan the exact date of moving into your new habitat.