Biological cleaning

Fecal wastes are transferred from the sewage into a local bio-cleanup station Inbio

Inbio principle of operation is based on using aerobic bacteria (sludge), which feed on fecal waste and eliminate the smell over a short period of time. The bacteria requires oxygen, and for this reason the station’s backbone is a powerful compressor. It pumps air through dispensers and maintains an adequate level of oxygen in the water being cleaned. A reliable Japanese-made membrane compressor is designed for 10-15 years of continuous operation, requires no lubrication and is virtually noiseless, while its low capacity saves on energy consumption. A multi-level system of treatment allows attaining a 98%-level of purity for the cleansed water. In addition, the by-products of the treatment process can be used for technical needs and watering the surrounding territory.


For all other types of waste we recommend separation and recycling in accordance with the legal rules applicable for your region.