There are several sources of water supply for the house. The main ones include the closest natural source (lake, river, pond, etc.), rainwater and melting ice water collection and melting snow to obtain water in winter time.

One of the main features for efficient water-collection is a slope of the roof inwards near the sauna to let ice-water and snow melt quicker in winter. The water from these sources is directed to a 500-700-liter stainless steel tank, which has an overflow outlet to drainage channel. From the tank the water is delivered to the water-supply system by a small-size pump station MQ (Grundfos) via a system of mainline filters FS-1 and a sorbent filter. The pump station is a compact and fully automated solution for water supplies with low level of noise and no requirements for special technical service. Delivering water in-house to tap and shower is carried out via the most reliable and ecologically clean polypropylene pipes AL PN 25, 20 mm VALTEC with a low level of thermal conductivity and service life of at least 50 years.


The reserve source of water is an air-to-water generator EcoloBlue 30 which produces up to 30 liters of drinking water per day consuming only 280 watt for the purpose. Undoubtedly, the water generated out of air-moisture is relatively clean compared with traditionally produced water. But in order to make our water even purer and perfect in cleanliness and taste we put it through our system of multi-level filtration. EcoloBlue 30 is equipped with a 12-level system of filtration for the water obtained from air. The system includes coal filters of preliminary and fine treatment, mineral filter, reverse-osmotic membrane Filmtec, secondary coal filter and 3 Phillips UV-sterilization lamps. The device has a lower water reservoir made of stainless steel and upper batching tank with a storage capacity of 3 gallons (about 11.5 liters), Both tanks are fitted with UV-lamps.