Autonomy, swift preparation works and quick construction process makes the house universal for use by various types of customers for a myriad of purposes. In broad strokes, we’ve segmented private homeowners, commercial entities, and state structures as three main types of our potential customers.


The house is an excellent solution both for temporary (seasonal) and permanent residence.


EcoHouses can be used for real estate development projects (cottage villages), tourism (hotel services), servicing remote areas (railways, pipelines, highways) as well as for many other purposes such as:

  • New construction sites
  • Development of new natural resource sites
  • Conservation and landscape protection areas
  • Education facilites
  • Marines (ports)
  • Offices
  • Motels and cafes (small shops)
  • Petrol stations
  • Timber and forestry
  • Bee yards
  • Greenhouses
  • Film production

state Structures

We see the Emergency Situations Ministry and the Defense Ministry as the main potential customers in this segment. The main advantages of owning such a living facility for the state structures are as follows:

  • No requirement to obtain a building permission from the state authorities
  • Transparent and fixed construction costs
  • Quick assembly and simplicity of use
  • Low operating costs
  • Autonomy and security
  • Mobility
  • Improved quality of life for employees
  • Tax benefits