Energy-effective construction

Energy-effective construction and modern sources of heating allow maintaining comfortable in-house climate and minimize the costs of heating. Geothermal and heliothermal technologies are also utilized.

Solar collectors and pellet burner are the main sources of hot water supplies and heating, the supplementary sources are geothermal heating, wood burner and electricity. Heat carrier (water) is delivered to 2- or 3-frame 200-300 liter boiler Bolly-2 WSB VT (Cordivari) or similar model, where the water is being heated for hot water supplies. The boiler also has a built-in back-up electricity heating element with a capacity of 1.5-2 kWt. The main source of heating is a pellet burner Ecoforest Aveiro Hidro-18. It can be directly connected to heating radiators and operates in an automatic mode on signals from a room-temperature control switch. The burner has a modern design and fits organically in the house interior. It can also be synchronized with the boiler for automatic on/off modes.


The house is equipped with high-quality energy-effective windows. Panoramic windows are oriented towards south. A recuperation system maintains consistent healthy in-house climate while minimizing losses of heat in winter time and providing comfortable cooling in summer heat.

An energy-efficient ventilation system with a heat recuperation system MARLEY (or similar) maintains comfortable in-house microclimate with a low energy consumption level (3-15 Wt) and virtually noiseless operation (lower than 30 dBA). This solves many problems the main one being opened windows for ventilation purposes, which leads to drafts, frozen plants and flowers, noise from outside and most of all – significant losses of heat. MARLEY’s noiseless ventilator blows away sluggish air, while the heat from that air is being accumulated in the heat-exchange unit. Fresh air pumped inside is filtered and heated without any additional costs.