Price and description

Construction with interior and exterior furnishings

Base: mobile piles or concrete blocks
Carcass construction made of composite materials
Cellulose eco-insulator
Interior furnishing: solid wood larch-tree and pine-tree
Exterior furnishing: larch-tree
Energy-efficient windows (triple glass unit with sprayed silver film filled with argon)
Roofing: PVC-membrane

Autonomous electricity

Average consumption not exceeding 10 kWt per 24 hrs
Solar panels
Wind power generator
Fuel generator
Block of accumulators (batteries)
System of electric power outlets and lighting

Heating+hot water+climate

Pellet burner or boiler
Dispatching tank-thermal accumulator
Hot water supply system
Ventilation with recuperation

Autonomous sewage

Fecal pump
System of biological cleaning

Other models